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Aug 9, 2023

Tonight we explore the strange reality of Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and what it means for 3 dimensional beings born into a 4 dimensional Universe. It predicts our birth from a singularity in an expanding Universe, the contraction of space at the speed of light, and both black holes and the infinite time dilation at their horizon. It's bizarre that space truly compresses and time actually slows down deep inside gravitational wells and near the speed of light. We literally observe supernovae billions of light years away exploding at half their normal speed. So let's find out about the history and basics of relativity.


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Video credits: Carrol and Ostlie (textbook I used): TNG Simulations NASA/STSci/ESA Davis and Lineweaver (2003) Nolan, C. (2014). Interstellar. Paramount Pictures. The Eagle Simulation, Durham University Doppler Shifts, Prof. Richard Pogge, The Ohio State University  @joshborup  2 Hour Jupiter time lapse with Io transit,  @eigenchris  Relativity 110d: Cosmology - FLRW Geodesics, Cosmological Redshift, Horizons, Comoving Coordinates,  @eigenchris  Relativity 103a: Galilean Relativity - Spacetime Diagrams,  @howfarawayisit  How Fast Is It - 03 - Special Relativity (4K), Dr. David Bradstreet (Eastern University), Ole Roemer and the Speed of Light, Mythbusters, Soccer ball shot from a truck

Time Stamps: 0:00 Relativity and the expanding Universe (intro) 5:54 Galileo and Roemer discover light isn't infinitely fast (1600's) 19:55 The mystery of the constant speed of electromagnetic field waves 32:17 Galileo discovered relativity 50:26 Einstein discovers Special Relativity 1:11:39 Time dilation and space contraction 1:33:08 Galaxy redshifts and expansion 2:16:24 General Relativity (gravity now explained by relativity) 2:57:41 Light cones (future and past causality) 3:12:21 Relativity in Cosmology: discovery of expanding spacetime 

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