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May 24, 2023

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Tonight we're browsing a really cool retro 1969 LIFE magazine I found at a local flea-market thrift store. It's main article is about the LEM (Lunar Module) which was the tiny spacecraft that detached from the Apollo Command Module in lunar orbit and sent Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin descending onto the lunar surface to be the first ever humans to step foot on another world. We also browse the rest of the issue and look at some of the more interesting ads of the late 1960's.

Lot's of unique and memorable marketing of clothing, appliances, insurance, and of course, booze and cigarettes. Additional context: This issue was from March 1969, and that Apollo 11 mission didn't happen until July of 1969, so it's fascinating to travel back in time and think about the anticipation of the event just 3 months later.

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0:00 10 pivotal moments from 1969 

15:05 beginning to browse LIFE magazine

28:47 using GPT-4 to look up facts about ads and companies

51:41 Apollo LEM article

1:29:42 more GPT-4 prompts (about the Sears company)

1:54:29 ad introducing the McDonald's Big Mac in 1969 

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